We have walked a long way since 1970. With our strengths in contract research and manufacturing, we have made our presence felt over 50 countries worldwide. We have strategically forayed into Drug Discovery services with specialization in Discovery Informatics (Bio & Chemo Informatics). Our vision is to develop niche technologies at the forefront of the synergy in Infotech, Biotech & Nanotech.

  • 35 Years of expertise in Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Pilot Plant facility.
  • In-house R&D.
  • Strong regulatory compliance.
  • Selling to over 50 countries all over the world.
  • Consistent supply to our customers of high repute, which include end users & multinationals in South America, Middle East, Far East, Europe and Africa.

We believe our business is like a Prism. At the bottom there are 1 million deals and 10 million people following it worldwide, while at the top there are 10 deals & only 3 people. The entry barrier to such elite business is the ability to be responsible, reliable & ethical, which is the rare most capability today, such that if our clients has his last penny which could make him or break him, he will bet it on us only.